Monday, 14 February 2011


February is a big month in the Fudge household.  There are three birthdays and a wedding anniversary.  On Saturday evening we gathered at Chez Fudge for an early birthday celebration for our first grandchild, who will be eight in a couple of days.

He is at that wonderful stage of discovering the marvels of the universe.  Our gift to him was a telescope, for which we received a high five - the ultimate accolade.

The cake was a triumph with Birthday Boy and his three younger sisters.  For this I must thank my friend Bel of Enticing Icing who sent me an image of the incredible cake she created for her son's fourth birthday.  My version was a pale imitation of hers, with four layers of cake; vanilla, chocolate, green and pink.  The kinder were mightily impressed.

Birthday cake and ice cream ... brain freeze!

Ooooo ... that was sooooo good!

Can I have some more?
All that was left now was to hand out the party favours to take home.

In a younger life, Birthday Boy would only answer to the name Darth.  Our daughter in Sydney had sent us this YouTube which we showed the children on Saturday.  It was the icing on the cake. 


BrisStyle said...

That cake looks like a ripper ;) Love the You Tube Post, classic!

Mannick...91 said...

I love, happy birthday. Your beautiful cake, it was also my birthday on 14 / 2 but would have had more candle ...

jen said...

Just Love the Darth Video. Thanks for that!