Friday, 28 January 2011

The perfect cookbook

One of gifts I received at Christmas was this beautiful cookbook/journal by renowned author Belinda Jeffery.  It's such a joy to read and I am savouring every page, trying not to drool as I read.

With most of my cookbooks I tend to ogle the tempting images and stick post-its on about 200 pages with vague promises of trying one of the recipes somewhere down the track.  However, this book is not only full of the most beautiful images by photographer Rodney Weidland, but it incorporates a journal of Belinda's life in northern coastal New South Wales, where the temperature is not dissimilar to our own here in Brisbane.  I am up to February, reading it slowly and planning meals as the season progresses.  This is not a book to rush through and it would work just as well for those living in the Northern Hemisphere by simply following the seasons rather than the months.

Dolphins, not sharks!

With two lovely ribbon bookmarks, it's so easy to read the journal with one and mark a recipe which I intend to cook with the other.

Next on the list

These are not idle promises, as you can see from the image at the top of this post that I have indeed made her Poached White Nectarines, which are in abundance at this time of the year.  I have also made her shortbread recipe which earned me brownie points not only with Mr Fudge, but with our local computer man.  He did such a marvellous job saving my sanity that I gave him some to take home to his family.

Thanks my wonderful family, I have a mother lode of books to read which should get me through to next Christmas. Bliss.

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