Saturday, 27 November 2010

Two more markets

It's one of those magic Brisbane days when you can feel the warmth of the promised summer.  Christmas is less than a month away, so it's time for some serious shopping.

If you don't live in Brisbane, maybe it's time you paid a visit to our fair city.  Next Saturday would be the perfect time, as BrisStyle is holding its Indie Designers Market and it will be packed with all your shopping needs for the family.

It's never too late to discover something about yourself.  A couple of days ago for instance I discovered that I am not an Overlocker Whisperer.  I thought it would be prudent to clean my fairly new overlocker, as it had been quite some time since its last clean and I had been working it fairly hard.  One lesson to be learned - wait until you have finished your current project before attempting such adventures.

I opened the casing and was engulfed by a wild mass of fluff which had been waiting to attack as soon as the latch was released.  There was enough to stuff a decent queen sized mattress.  During the process of shovelling it all away, I carelessly let the lower locker thread run free.  No problems.  This is one of those modern easy to thread models.  It was about here that I discovered that I am an Overlocker Shouter.  Nuff said.   

Back to the market, which promises to be full of holiday spirit with music, food and a happy Christmassy atmosphere.  You will find all your old favourite vendors and a few exciting new members as well.  It will be extended a further two hours, finishing at 4.00pm instead of the usual 2.00pm, so there's plenty of time to come and join in the fun.

Saturday 4th December 9am - 4pm
St Augustine's Church
Racecourse Road
Hamilton, QLD

If you are unable to attend this market, stay tuned for news of our final Twilight Market at King George Square on 17 December.

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Mannick...91 said...

If you can, please go to the Market Brisbane ... dresses girl Robyn-Hot Fudge are wonderful, wonderful! I have one for my little girl ... waiting for the sunny days here in France because there is snow !!
Good sale Robyn