Saturday, 11 September 2010

Kamikaze Pigeon

I have a crested pigeon loving couple (sometimes a little too loving) who like to sit on the wall outside my window as I work.  They keep me company through all seasons and all weather.

Up until this Spring they have behaved as I imagine crested pigeons should behave, but something has changed.  The usually sensible and responsible male has maybe found an illegal crop of seeds to chew on, because he spends ALL DAY crashing into my window.  I mean ALL DAY.

Mr Fudge and I are quite concerned, as we fear he may harm himself or knock every feather off his body.  At first we assumed that he was attacking his reflection in the window, but he launches himself at it no matter if it's sunny or overcast, and to be honest, the window is in serious need of cleaning, so I doubt there's much reflection at the best of times.

Perhaps Mrs Pigeon has taken to him with the Silly Stick.  Whatever it is, he sure is seeing stars by the end of the day.

Or perhaps he's caught sight of my new fabric lying seductively close to the window and wants to impress Mrs P with a new Hot Fudge outfit.

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Creative Arty Facts said...

Oh, just love those gelati coloured fabrics - yum!