Thursday, 27 May 2010

Watch the Birdie

Sometimes I get the feeling that birds are taking over the world, or at least our back yard.  Take last Monday for instance. 

The gardener (AKA Mr Fudge) was mowing the lawn and over the racket of the mower I heard the most beautiful birdsong.  It was a cheeky butcher bird who fallen in madly love with the lawn mower and was joining in the chorus.

He poured his soul into his song.

I simply sat back and enjoyed the show.

Last week a regular caller to my window came a-visiting, showing off his latest tango step.

The next day the weather turned decidedly nasty - well, it's mid autumn and it had to happen sooner or later.  The wood pigeon had very wisely decided to give up his tanto efforts and brought along his good lady to help keep him warm.

The kookaburra who regularly shares the wall with them couldn't see the need for all that feather fluffing - I guess like humans some birds feel the cold more than others.  I fall into the wood pigeon section.

Now, this is all wonderful, but it's causing a problem.  How can I be expected to sew at my machine when all this is going on just outside my window? 

It's a little over a week to go for the BrisStyle Indie Designers Market and I really need to get cracking.
These three new dresses are ready for the market and I'm currently working on something new which I hope will prove eye-catching.  It's shaping up to being the biggest BrisStyle market to date, with over 70 vendors showing off their beautifully hand-crafted wares.  There will be something for everyone, from jewellery, fashion, soft toys, art works, children's clothing, accessories, handbags ... the list goes on.  You can see all the participants here

One returning BrisStyler who will be welcomed back with open arms is Sophie of Strat Designs.  I know I have several friends who will be getting to the market early on Saturday 5 June to pick up some of her delicious pieces.  There are so many talented BrisStylers and if you are planning to come to the market, the best strategy would be to get there early and bring your wallet - you will be overwhelmed with tempting choices.  I'll highlight some of other participants next week.

Ah, if only I can resist the charms of my beautiful feathered friends, I may finish the pile of market projects waiting to be completed.

I'm reminded of the saying of a wily old politician back in the Seventies who took on an arrogant political foe and lost: "Roosters today, feather dusters tomorrow." 


Chrisy said...

Those photos are fabulous...I can see that butcher bird puffing out his chest and singing up a storm! They're so confident and daring aren't they. Your visit to me and your comment were so appreciated dear have no idea how much.... My love to you...

nana_ang_poppaphil said...

Loved your photos of the birds. Must have been a lovely distraction from your sewing.

Have a great weekend.