Saturday, 30 January 2010

You've got mail

There I was thinking it was going to be the usual Friday, with all those drab chores - you know, washing, ironing, cleaning, etc. However, I was wrong.  There waiting in the post office box was a package from England.

I love following Flossie Teacakes' blog - Florence writes beautifully and it is always a joy to read her stories of family, friends and sewing.  She recently had an article published in the UK magazine Sew Hip, giving instructions on making a lovely make-up case.  In a give-away competition on her blog, she offered a copy of this issue, along with some fabric.  I had bought Sew Hip while we were in England late last year, and was most impressed with it, but I hadn't been able to locate a copy here in Australia - so I entered.  As luck would have it, out of 76 entries, my name was drawn as the winner!  

The very securely taped envelope was opened to reveal a pink tissue wrapped parcel and this sweet little card with a lovely message on the back.

The magazine arrived in pristine condition and I have been slowly devouring it whenever I sit down for a coffee break.  

Of course, the first pages I turned to were Florence's instructions which were clear, concise and well laid out over four pages.  I am now keen to make one for myself, as I usually have my makeup skulking in mysterious dark places in my handbag, refusing to be found.  To have it all (well, lipstick and perfume) in the one easy-to-find makeup case will take away the frustration of never being able to find them when I need them.  There may also be room for my mobile - I am famous for missing calls because it's running away from me in the depths of my bag.

But wait ... there's more, as the Ginsu Knife adds go.

I was so delighted to also receive these three oh-so-sweet fabrics by Tanya Whelan.  They co-ordinate beautifully with my latest purchase of fabrics from the Anna Maria Horner and Amy Butler collections and I will be incorporating them into some new dresses next week.  And don't you just love the gorgeous ribbons they came tied in?  They have been carefully set aside for future projects.

So Fridays can indeed come full of lovely surprises.


Sandrine said...

Oh what a great Friday surprise Robyn!I beleive I saw this lovely mag in our local newsagent so will check again:)

mimoo said...

jealousy is returned! what a lovely little card too!

Hey Harriet said...

What a lovely surprise for Friday! It's always fun receiving goodies in the mail. Hope you've been enjoying this cooler weather this weekend. Such a relief. Bliss! Hope it continues all week :)

Trish Goodfield said...

What a lovely surprise. Give Carol a call, I know she is keen to spread her wings if she can get enough people interested.