Tuesday, 4 August 2009

An Awfully Pretty Exhibition

I have a theory that artistic talent skips a generation. My mother was something of an artist and completely bypassing me, the talent landed squarely at my daughter's doorstep.

It comes to her twofold, as Tony's great-grandfather, Conrad Beckmann, was a well-known artist in Germany in the late 1800s. Apart from illustrating many books, he was commissioned to paint some murals in the banquet hall of Wernigerode Castle ...

... which Tony and I will be visiting in a few short weeks. Excited? You bet.

All this excitement is tinged with a little sadness, however, as it means we will miss the opening of our daughter's exhibition, Awfully Pretty, in Sydney later this month.

If you will be in Sydney between 14 and 27 August, why not visit

Gallery Eight
8 Argyle Place
Millers Point (The Rocks)

Intrigued by the Awfully Pretty title? For a humorous explanation, please visit Maz's blog.

I am hoping someone will buy me an awfully pretty painting for Christmas.


Hey Harriet said...

A big congrats to your daughter on her exhibition! I so wish I could go to Sydney to enjoy it. The artwork looks spectacular and you must be so very proud. The creative gene sure does run in your family. Gosh!!! You are all a talented bunch! :)

mimoo said...

Very impressive bunch you are!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your kind comments Hey Harriet & mimoo!

Anonymous said...

Your daughter's artworks are beautiful.

I'm afraid your theory is wrong Robyn. Your gorgeous children's label proves that artistic talent did not bypass you at all :)

Plus, my Dad is an artist, although I don't know of any other artists before him in our family. No famous German ones that's for sure.

How exciting to be visiting the place of Tony's great-grandfather's master pieces.

Jetta's Nest said...

Wow, your daughters artworks are amazing! I wish I could get to see them. How amazing are the murals as well!

I have to blow your theory too. Your clothes are beautiful works of art. My Grandparents are both very creative as are both my Aunts, their kids and my Mum as well. I love the trail of creativity our family has although it seems to have stopped at my brothers.

I'm hoping at least one of my boys gets it!

Thanks for your comment Robyn, you always manage to make me laugh!!