Saturday, 6 June 2009

An early and dramatic entrance

I wonder what next week will bring?

Did I really end my last blog entry with that sentence? Serves me right. This is what it brought.

Our four year-old granddaughter in Sydney hit her head on a heavy timber coffee table last Friday week, resulting in a rushed trip to the casualty ward, where her scalp received a few staples.

Around midnight that night, her pregnant mother was rushed to hospital when her waters broke at a little under 32 weeks. The next day I was on a flight to Sydney to help our son-in-law care for their two children, a four year-old (she with the sore head) and her two year-old brother. Meanwhile, back at the hospital, our daughter was taken by ambulance to a larger hospital where she was to stay until she reached the full 32 weeks. Then it was back to the local hospital where her obstetrician and medical staff carefully monitored the situation in an effort to keep the baby in the womb as long as possible.

Trying to explain all this to two little pre-schoolers who just wanted the baby to arrive and for Mumma to come home was extremely difficult. Tony flew down on the Tuesday to relieve the flagging troops, thank goodness, and somehow we three managed to keep the household on a fairly even keel.

On Monday the baby showed signs of distress, so it was decided to deliver, as Justine had reached 33 weeks, considered these days to be fairly safe. And here is the cause of all the drama:

Daniel James was delivered by caesarian section on 1 June at 33 weeks. He weighed 1.805Kg (3lbs 15oz) and measured 41 cm, which is a little scary, particularly when we have had no experience of premature births in the family and our last grandchild entered the world a few months back at a hefty 11 lbs!

Now, I have a problem with weddings and births. I cry. So for the seventh time as a grandmother, I wiped away tears of joy and love.

Big sister Emily is absolutely over the moon, even if she had put in an order for a little sister.

Two year-old Chris is now the middle child, a position his mother and I know all too well. However, he's so happy to have a little mate and immediately introduced him to a model of "Daddy's car".

Mother and baby are doing well and Justine will be leaving hospital tomorrow, much to the children's (not to mention husband's!) delight. Little Daniel will remain in hospital for around a month until he reaches a reasonable fighting weight. He should be out of the humidicrib in the next day or so, which is another positive step forward.

Tony and I returned to Brisbane on Friday afternoon, swapping duties with our son-in-law's mother, who flew up from Melbourne to take over household duties for the next week or so. Then we will return to Sydney, as Justine will not be able to lift weights or drive for the next six weeks.

In the meantime, we were looking forward to hugging our four little Brisbane grandchildren today, but our son, a teacher, contacted us last night to advise that the school principal has "forbidden" teachers to come in contact with anyone who has travelled interstate over the last few days. Swine 'flu hysteria has now reached ridiculous heights. So we will have to keep those hugs on hold for another week.

To think that ten years ago I was lamenting the fact that I would never be a grandmother. And today we have seven beautiful, individual little darlings who bring us so much joy. What more could we ask for?


Little Diva said...

Oh Robyn, he is just beautiful!! Congratulations to you all. So glad to hear everything is going well and that's fantastic that he's already good to come out of the humidy crib!!
Christine xo

Anonymous said...

It's good to see that Chris has moved on from thinking the most exciting thing that the doors of the humidicrib open and close, open and close...Now he realises that he has something new to drive his cars on!

mimoo said...

Congratulations Robyn! oh the drama though, you lot are never satisfied unless there is some drama to speak of?? ha Little daniel is super cute and I hope he goes from strength to strength in the coming weeks... hope your 'quarantine' week goes quickly - boo to the health minister....

Hey Harriet said...

I was wondering what was keeping you so quiet lately. You kind of just dropped from the radar. Now I know why! What a lot of dramas you've had to deal with. I can't imagine how worrying it must have been for you! Hope things slow down a little for you soon. Congrats on the arrival of your newest grandchild. What a cutie he is Robyn :)

Jetta's Nest said...

Congratulations to you and your family Robyn, wishing little Daniel lots of growth over the next couple of months :)

Chrisy said...

Oh my lord what a week you've had! You must be absolutely wrecked. Very happy to hear that all is settling down and hopefully that little one will be home sooner than expected...take care...

Ali said...

Oh Robyn, so good to know that all's well - congratulations again.
.. and I don't like the idea of not being able to have any Brisbane grandkid cuddles - poo poo!
Deep breaths, and don't worry about the sewing! ;)
ALi x

Sandrine said...

Congratulation for the birth of little Daniel, that must have been so stressful... I hope it will all go well now for everyone.
Sandrine x

Anonymous said...

Oh my, there's never a doll moment in your life Robyn. Congratulations on your 7th grandchild. Wishing you and your daughter's family all the best. Amanda xo

Anonymous said...

Whoops, I meant 'never a dull moment'. I just had a 'doll' moment. I've got dolls on the brain this week, especially the Russian nesting variety ;)

Nicole said...

Congratulations you you and your family Robyn. He is beautiful!!!

bubbachenille said...

You know what Robyn ? You couldn't possibly ask for anything more !

Helen said...

Congratulations Robyn and Tony xox. Wishing you a safe and Tiara- less flight back to Sydney tomorrow for more snuggles!

Looking forward to more pics and adventure's soon.