Friday, 8 September 2017

Mr & Mrs Fudge Go To Town

I had every intention of changing my banner to Winter 2017 when suddenly it is Spring.  It's been a long stretch between my last post and today, but it's been one of those years when life got in the way. We have lost far too many friends in the past few months which has taken its toll, but we are determined to hang around for many more years.

This morning we hopped on the train for our annual trip to sigh over the David Jones Spring Flower Show.  Warning: there will be a few pictures.

When we first started coming to the flower show, I seemed to be the only one sheepishly taking out my camera and snapping away.  See what I've started?  I love the gentleman in the centre of the image bending over to avoid ruining someone's photo.


There were avenues of exotic orchids which were swoon-worthy.

Sprays of blossoms and roses caught everyone's attention.

And what would it be without David Jones' Piano Man?  

While we were in the city we took advantage of the leisurely stroll through Hyde Park to the Art Gallery to take in the Archibald Prize.  

This year's entries came in all sizes, from miniature to that-couldn't-possibly-fit-on-my-wall size.  However the portrait which stole my heart (and obviously that of this other art lover) was The Inner Stillness of Eileen Kramer by Andrew Lloyd Greensmith.  The subject is 102 years old, born in the same year as my much missed mother.  She still dances professionally, which rather puts me to shame, having retired this year from my children's clothing business and desktop publishing!  It wasn't until I came home that I read something of the artist.  He is a plastic surgeon who co-headed the team which successfully separated the conjoined twins Trishna and Krishna in 2009.  

Not to be missed is the Young Archies, works by school students from ages 5 to 18.  Here are my two favourites.

What's not to love about spring?

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